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"Thank you so much for this, it looks brilliant!"
Natalie Sisley
"Thank you so much it looks fantastic! What
professional and efficient service"
Hannah Grummett
"LOVE IT!!!"
Katy Day
"Ahhh these look amazing!! We're really pleased"
Eloise Clark
"Thanks. That is great. Very happy with it"
Kathryn Cooper
"I will recommend you to all my friends!!"
Naomi O'Neill
"Gosh that was quick. It is perfect, thank you. The
kids were well impressed!"
Laurie Eagling
"I love it!!! really love it"
Julie Every
"Thats perfect, so artistic! Thats really nice what you
have done. Thank you"
Michelle Close



10" x 8" Personalised print (includes cardboard mount) - 17.99 + P&P


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