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Founder of imagINephotowords, Ruth Wallington
Hello and welcome! I'm Ruth, graphic designer and
mother of two.
I came up with the notion of photographs in words
when my son's pre-school were looking for a
fundraising idea. Using photographs of their time at
pre-school, I produced framed prints for all ten
children leaving to go to school. I received such
enthusiastic feedback that I realised there was a
niche in the market for such uniquely personal gifts.
imagINephotowords was launched at 10.10am on
I was brought up and educated in Dublin. I studied
Production Design at Dun Laoghaire College of Art
and Design in Ireland.  Since graduating in 1995, I
have worked in the film industry in Ireland, Australia
and the UK as a graphic artist and draughtsperson.
My credits include Children of Men, Kingdom of
Heaven, The Golden Compass and the first four Harry
Potter films.



10" x 8" Personalised print (includes cardboard mount) - 17.99 + P&P


Products & Designs shown imaginephotowords 2010