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How to Order
There are two ways of ordering, either pay online via
the website or if you prefer you can e-mail us at
The products we offer:
- Personalised prints in an A4 frame - 38.99 + P&P
  (Choice of four frames and mounts as shown)
- Personalised prints unframed - 17.99 + P&P
  (includes black cardboard mount)
- Personalised mugs - 15 + P&P
- A5 Personalised cards & postcards
  A5 Cards - 3.20 each + P&P
  A5 Postcards - 2.20 each + P&P
  (minimum order 10 cards & postcards)
- Gift vouchers for personalised prints - 38.99 each
If paying online we will receive notification of your
payment and chosen wording. On completion of
your order, you will be prompted to e-mail your
photographs to info@imaginephotowords.co.uk
You will be sent a low resolution proof of your product
prior to printing which you must sign-off before your
product will be printed.
We aim to dispatch your items within 7 days of you
signing off the proof.
Should you have a particularly short timeframe for
receipt of your product, we will do our best to
accommodate you.
Postage and Packaging
Packs of cards, postcards & mugs: 2.95 per item.
Single 10" x 8" prints: 1.50 per item.
Prints in an A4 frame: 4.95 per item.
Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are now available for framed
personalised prints. They cost 38.99 each which
includes the P&P for the framed print.
Click here to order.
We are unable to provide a refund unless the product
is damaged as we quality control all our products
prior to dispatch. If your product is damaged in any
way then please contact us within 7 days via e-mail
info@imaginephotowords.co.uk. We will either give
you a refund or replace the product.


Personalised Gifts Framed - 38.99 each + P&P
Click here to order

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